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FULLY Customizable

RockGroup is an Infographic theme that offers infinite options for creation of the unique layout for your website.
We created three popular infographic skins for business, ecology and travel. You may use these templates both for these themes and for many others, since they are quite versatile.


With Love to Customers

ThemeRex is a studio that aims to make their user’s experience easier and much more pleasant. You probalby won’t have a better opportunity to make sure of their competence, as well as friendliness towards their customers. Vast experience and understanding of each product’s peculiarities let ThemeRex create outstanding business solutions.

High Professionalism

Many year experience and hundreds of successful projects have made ThemeRex a professional on the web area. Within this period of time, the company has gone through a serious evolution from amateurs to leaders. We create templates for your websites that will increase your reputation and highlight your professionalism and leadership.

Serving Clients’ Goals

ThemeRex is doing their best to grant each owner of their themes with maximum opportunities to present their individuality, show their achievements, and establish the best contact with their audience. Using their rich experience, world’s innovations and their own web solutions the ThemeRex team creates templates that will solve your business’s tasks at maximum degree.

Reliability and Prestige

Purchasing products from ThemeRex means entrusting your reputation to one of the best web-studios. ThemeRex company does its work with its customer in mind. That is why you are getting the best product that will perfectly suit your needs.


...cups of coffee was consumed by our team in 2014. And yes, this figure here is for no reason.
And we are presenting you trx skills widget specially stylized for rock group


Skills Widget

To display your knowledge and skills graphically, you have a specially designed widget at your disposal, such as "TRX Skills". You may choose unlimited number of skills, name them, set the level, color and one of the display styles.
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rock is easily adaptable to
any mobile device

The fact of prevalence of mobile devices obliges to adjust any website to their peculiarity at maximum degree.
We have done our best for your website based on p.xel to blend with this trend.

Retina Ready
Tablet friendly
100% responsive